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A proactive approach toward reputation management is how you can build your company’s reputation online. Summit Media Solutions Inc helps small to medium-sized businesses grow with our reputation builder for Olathe, KS businesses. What's a reputation builder? It's a process of steps and methods we use to help our clients take control of their online narrative and manage their reputations effectively.

Why Does a Company’s Online Reputation Matter?

Since roughly 90% of all people who find businesses with local searches online will look at a company's reviews, you want to reflect a positive picture. Before a potential client calls or completes a form fill, they will first search your company's reviews on Google. They may also look on social media or online review platforms, such as Home Advisor or Angie's List. Having no information on your brand can be seen as even worse than negative news. If your company doesn’t look good based on the results that appear, then you are going to lose out on a lot of potential business!

Should I Ask Past Customers for a Review?

Yes, this is probably the easiest way to get honest and legit reviews for your company. According to Search Engine Land, 70% of customers are willing to leave an online review so, if you ask them, you should most definitely ask for reviews. A good tip is to ask for reviews from customers you believe or have told you they had a good experience with you. Instead of asking for reviews from any customers whom you suspect may not have had a great experience with you, provide them with a survey to find out what went wrong. This way, you can try to rectify the problem with them before they leave a bad review. Besides, a survey allows you to improve your customer experience so that you will earn more positive reviews in the future.

At the same time, you shouldn't be afraid of bad reviews either. The Spiegel Research Center (2017) found consumers more likely to purchase from brands with a star rating between 4.0 - 4.7. The majority of consumers know that life happens, including bad reviews. Bad reviews are okay because it gives you a chance to respond. This response provides you an opportunity to resolve an issue you may not have been aware of and show future clients your willingness to solve a problem.

Isn’t it Best to Have all Five-Star Reviews?

No. When a potential client on the verge of choosing your business looks you up online and sees all five-star reviews, they will believe the post reviews are fake. For a company to appear authentic to many consumers, it's good to have some four-star, three-star, and even lower-star reviews. This variety is seen to be a more accurate reflection of a company and a potential customer’s experience. If you do great at whatever it is that you do, which we are sure that you do, you're going to generate a lot of great reviews. Just be sure to ask for reviews from your customers, and your online reputation will grow.

Let Summit Media Solutions Inc Automate Your Review System and Build Your Reputation!

How best to gain reviews from past clients? Once you've captured those previous customer reviews, how are you going to continue to get reviews in the future? If you send out invoices, newsletters, notifications, or thank you notes after you do business, you are going to want to automate those processes. Try to update those templates with calls to actions asking for reviews. Tell the customer that you appreciate their business, and you would like them to take a second and give you their feedback.

You could take advantage of Summit Media Solutions Inc’s reputation builder for Olathe, KS companies. Whether you have no reputation, to speak of, or a bad reputation you want to improve, we can help. Call us today to speak with a reputation expert about the customized steps we will take to improve your online reputation!

Building a Positive Image Takes Time

Don't expect things to happen overnight; however, if you're diligent in pursuing past customers to learn how you can better meet their needs, you'll find that positive branding naturally occurs over time. Consumers are looking for companies that want more from them than just their business. You can give customers and clients a voice by requesting reviews and allowing them to provide valuable input when they do business with you. In the long run, your business will benefit.

Reputation Builder Olathe Ks

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